For Names

We all have names. Our names have unique meanings that are important to those who gave them to us. A name represents more than life, it represents a deep meaning to the person carrying it. Your characters are also defined by the name you give them. Names are what gives your character’s character. They define your protagonist and your antagonist. The name you give a character will ultimately define them through the entire story and be either memorable or forgotten by your readers. Readers remember names that are rare, exotic, and memorable. This notebook will help you keep track of your character’s names and in what story they were written for. You no longer have to repeat a name.

Author’s Notebook

The Writer’s Sidekick Author Notebook is designed for you to carry with you where ever you go. You can free write or doodle your great ideas. Write out names you might like and use. Write out a character that pops in your head. Jot down your great story idea. Lay down the settings you want to take your readers. Keep track of the submissions you have sent and their responses.

Submission Tracker

The worst part of submitting your story somewhere is that you don’t remember what story you submitted, when you submitted it, or to whom you submitted it to. Not only that, but what are they paying for that story and when will it be published.