The Perfect Notebook for Writers

The Writer’s Sidekick Series uses The Model Canvas. It is a strategic model used in the management of projects whether they were new or currently existing. It took the key elements of the previous model and added necessary improvements specifically designed to help writers manage any type of story. Whether you’re writing a Novelette, Novel, Epic, or other fictional writing, this model can help you speed up the process and increase the quality of your ideas.

To get started, you simply fill in the blanks to have a clear view of where your story is and where it is going.
If you’re a Plotter, this is perfect way to outline your story from beginning to finish in a fast and effective way.
If you’re a Pantzer, this is a perfect system to give structure to all of your ideas and combine them all into a true work of art.

This model provides a visual presentation to complete your craft. Each section of the program is divided to take away the overwhelming feeling of writing out your entire story from scratch, and changing it to easily writing out small sections, one part at a time. From the story’s concept, title, plots, characters, chapter outline and publishing matter, you can come up with it all at your own pace.