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Andres Fragoso, Jr. is an incredibly versatile author who created literary compositions in various genres including poetry, flash fiction, and journalism. He has also worked as an advisor for over a dozen online social media platforms, including the world-renowned Facebook and Twitter. His literary works touch subjects that range fromRead More →

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Can you Prevent yourself from being Reactively Triggered? By Colin More “You’re terrible! You gave me $300 credit, I’m going to sue your company and get you fired. You’re a loser, you should not be Customer Service.  You’re rude, disrespectful and condescending” Screamed Bart with his strong New York accent. Read More →

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Darrah Whitaker is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and holds two Master degrees (MA-Film/MBA) from the University of Texas. He has written six screenplays, one which was produced and another optioned. His short stories have been published in the Writers Bloc III,Read More →

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Don’t say it. Please, don’t say it. By Andres Fragoso, Jr. “Wow. Eustice. You look so handsome in that black Tux.” “Hey.” Eustice turned to greet Nicasio. “See. What did I say? You would look great in a white tux.” “I have something to tell you.” Nicasio’s eyes moistened. “No.Read More →

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BRING READERS TO YOU SHOW YOUR NEXT EVENT SCHEDULED BOOK SIGNINGS KEEP READERS COMING BACK Start the New Year with a new website. 5/15/$50 Website Offer  20% Off when you order January 5, 2020 That’s $40 a month as a Member YOU GET A WEBSITE Includes You get a Website/BlogRead More →

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Santa Claus vs. The Second Amendment by Ned Barnett Every damn time I think ‘bout feedin’ my young’uns, ol’ Tony Joe’s song rattles round my skull. I’m gonna tell y’all a story so’s you’ll understand what I’m talkin’ about … An’ like that song, we did alright. Partly ‘cause a’Read More →

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Story by Darrah Whitaker Dear Santa, My name is Bennie. I am eight years old. My home is at 345 Sleepy Hollow Street. Mommy  said I should write to you so you would know what I want for Christmas. I want a snow globe, a train set, and Legos. SheRead More →

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Register as a Writer to become a member and receive Writer’s Sidekick for Novels notebook. The Writer’s Sidekick for Novels is for Plotters and Pantzer’s alike. It goes through every aspect of writing a novel. In an easy to follow Business Model and Fill in the Blank pages, you canRead More →

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Video courtesy of Bob Gratrix.Read More →

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