Writers Sidekicks is looking for submissions of creative non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, and visual art. Love Letters that tugs at our hearts make us laugh, cry, grabs us and pulls us into true love. When we read your letters we want to feel the want, the pain, the tenderness, and any other strong emotion that being with or missing your true love.

All genre is accepted. Fiction submissions are welcome, particularly speculative fiction.

Let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere and remove it from this anthology. Previously published work will not be considered, including work published on social media and personal websites. If it available online, that means it is published.

Call for Submission Love Letters
We are interested in previously unpublished literary fiction, including short stories, essays, poetry up to 1,000 words in length, and visual art of Love Letters. It's your love letter, your interpretation of what True Love means to you.

We select work based on style, craft, freshness, relevance, and vision.

If your work is selected, you will be:

Announced as one of the selected authors in Writer's Sidekick site and newsletter.

You will be published in Love Letters: Anthology- a beautiful collectible keepsake that is available in digital and prints long after the release date. Your showcase includes your bio, writer website link and your submitted piece. It will also be promoted on the Writer's Sidekick Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram sites.

Authors must

Fill submission as a member of Writer’s Sidekick US Register Here as a writer or as a photographer or artist

Submission’s Guidelines:

We welcome any theme and in any genre

Short Story, Essay, Poetry, Prose, up to 1,000 words.

Your story must stand alone

Follow standard submission format

No fanfic

Must be original

It contains no pornography (eroticism is fine). The piece should focus on the story, not the sex

Contains no racism; excessive gore; or other obscenity

Is written in English

Work must be edited and proofed. The only editing we will do will be minor proofing. It will be returned for one edit. If in the opinion of the editors, the story requires further editing it will not be accepted

You assign us First Print and Electronic Rights for a period of three months from the date your work appears on our site. If your work is published elsewhere before it appears here, you must advise us and withdraw your submission

The decision on whether to publish is made by our Editors, and it is final.

Prose Submissions:

We accept up to three prose submissions per author as long as the total number of words is less than 1,000. All genres and subjects are welcomed and encouraged.

Save submissions as either .doc or .rtf format, and include your contact information and the work’s title and word count in the document.

Poetry Submissions:

Up to six poems are accepted per submission, and all forms and subjects are encouraged. Save submissions as either .doc or .rtf format, and be sure to include your contact information and the title(s) in the document.

Visual Arts Submissions:

We would like to see artwork and photography in all media, and subject must be Love. Up to six visual arts submissions are accepted at once and can either be thumbnails or full-size images. You can also include a document (in .doc or .rtf format) with a write-up of your work.

How to Submit:

Email your completed submission to — anthology@writerssidekick.com

Formatting Guidelines:

No more than 1,000 words

Word document (Word 97-2003 or later, electronic format only)

One (1) inch margins all around


Times New Roman 12-pt font

Work should include: Header (title only or with page number)

Page Numbers (at the bottom or with header)

Cover page with:

Author’s Name

Title of Work

Type of Work (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or teaser)

Word count (not including the title)

Do not include the words from the cover page in the work’s word count. Do not place your cover page in the body of the email. It should be its own Word document OR the first page of the work’s Word document.

Submissions not following these guidelines will be returned and can be resubmitted if they meet the deadline.

Deadline: Midnight of Saturday, January 18, 2020