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Today we face a new virus that’s spreading around the world, and we are in our homes in isolation to help prevent the spread to the uninfected. While enduring our quarantine, we miss our friends and families. We also miss our writing groups.
We can no longer go to restaurants, coffee shops, or each other’s houses. We need to keep the writing community together. We are still writing, and we want to help other writers improve their craft as well.

Authors in Pajamas is an online group through Zoom. We meet online, and you are in the comfort of your home and in your Pajamas, Boxers, Sweats, Yoga Pants. Just don’t be naked. That’d be rude.

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Thursdays at 6:00 pm PST.

During the two hours (or so), we will do the following:

  • 10 minutes listening to the reader.
  • Take notes to Critique.
  • 5 Minutes of feedback to the reader.
  • Of course, we will introduce each other and share our books.
  • You have the option of sharing what’s comfortable for you online.


How it works

Send your manuscript to formatted (see below), or it won’t be accepted. We will show it on our screen for others to follow along (this is optional, you can read without showing your work.)
Limited to 5 writers per session.
You can either Critique live or give your Critique directly to the reading member by sending them a private message.

Formatting the draft for Critique
It is essential if everyone has the same format when presenting their selection. This makes it easier for everyone to read, Critique, and make notes. When everyone presents something different, it’s hard to get used to each format.

• Letter size paper or 8 1/5 by 11 inches.
• White clean paper.
• 1-inch margins.
• Font Times New Romans.
• Font size: 12.
• Double Spaced.
• Line numbering.
• Indent 5 spaces. Use the format settings tool for this.
• One-sided. Double-sided is optional to save paper.

The information in the section you’re reading is very imported important. This is what the group reads, writes on, and makes comments. They follow your writing and take a red pen to make proofreading marks.

Information about the book
o Header
 Title and by your name – Top Right
o Body
 First three sentences – a synopsis of what has already been written
 The story. 10 pages are about 10 minutes. Make sure you pace yourself.
o Footer
 Page # in the middle

Critique Process
As with any group or group setting, there is a protocol that everyone needs to follow. This is to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to read and getting critiqued. It’s a simple process, really.

• Writer reads the manuscript
• Critique group takes notes
• After the reader finishes
• Critique group asks questions
• Writer Thanks, everyone

The Critique
Critique using the Sandwich Method. Give something good, something to improve, and something you liked. It’s not about putting the writer down; it’s about helping the writer improve their writing. Learn how the writer takes the Critique and offer your advice if they are willing to accept it.

Sandwich Method
 Top layer – Say something nice about the writing.
 2nd layer – What section did you not understand.
 3rd layer – What you understood.
 Middle layer – What item drew you out of the story.
 5th layer – What would you suggest improving the story.
 6th layer – How you would write it differently.
 Bottom layer – Say something nice about the story.

It’s also about balance. Don’t’ focus on the negative nor on the positive. Use your judgment. They’ve worked hard on this manuscript.