AJ and Cassie

AJ and Cassie

By A.L. Campbell

Alexandra “AJ” Silver waited in the shadowy recesses of the school courtyard. Words drifted in and out of her thoughts—not her words, but those of other students. They came, incomplete for the most part, like a faulty receiver that couldn’t be tuned to the right frequency.

Still wearing her running gear from one of her two required extracurricular activities, she leaned against the wall. The clothes in her backpack cushioned her. The thinning out of the intruding words indicated the school emptying for the day. Her eyes drifted closed in relief.

I’m here.

The gentle tone belonged to AJ’s best friend, Cassie—the only person who purposely spoke to her this way. Eyes open, AJ grinned and sat up. “Done?”

“It looked like you were sleeping.”

“With all the noise this school makes?”

Her friend teased. “At least it’s not the elementary wing.”

AJ stood and exaggerated a shiver. “Yeah. Ready?”

They moved across the courtyard to the exit.

“Actually, the little kids aren’t that bad. They don’t think with their hormones.”

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